CSK Governance

CSK Budget and Financials

We are pleased that CSK’s culture of tzedakah continues to provide for CSK’s financial needs. Your pledges of financial support and contributions of energy and time make this a true labor of love for us all.

CSK 2017 Budget and Financials: click here to view

The Newly and Unanimously Approved 2017 CSK Leadership Team

Marcy Laviage

Brad Eastman

Jon Axelrad

Rebecca Fiszer

Margi Levin

Kristin de Aldecoa

Mark Arnold

Harry Selig

Jay Goldberg

Karen Thrall

Marni Axelrad

Tammy Mermelstein


Voting Participant Form

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CSK By-Laws

Congregation Shma Koleinu By-Laws (Approved by CSK Voting Participants, June 18, 2014).