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CSK Budget and Financials

We are pleased that CSK’s culture of tzedakah continues to provide for CSK’s financial needs. Your pledges of financial support and contributions of energy and time make this a true labor of love for us all.

CSK 2015 Budget Forecast and Historical Financials

The Newly and Unanimously Approved 2016 CSK Leadership Team


Administrative Management – Marcy Laviage

  • Support LT members in the fulfillment of their duties.
  • Sets agenda, runs LT meetings, follows up on all items/proposals decided by LT.
  • Oversees and manages all chairs in their capacities overseeing CSK Men, CSK Women, CSK Kids Corner and The Current and Onegs.

Finance – Jon Axelrad

  • Oversees and manages all accounts payable/receivable.
  • Organizes and runs bi-monthly Finance Team Meetings.
  • Re ports to LT on all matters relating to CSK Finances.

Governance/Personnel – Brad Eastman

  • Oversees and manages all issues related to By-Laws and Governance.
  • Confirms that By-laws processes are in place and active.
  • O versees and manages all personnel matters.

Facilities Management/Communication – Rebecca Fiszer

  • Acts as the primary liaison between CSK and its rented venues.
  • Oversees the management of the CSK calendar.
  • O versees and manages the set up and break down of CSK events and/or organizes teams to do so.


Community Relations – Renee Karpas

  • Represents CSK to external organizations.
  • Outreach to the community.
  • H elps craft CSK’s messaging to the external community.

High Holy Days/Purim – Marjorie Marks

  • Works directly with CSK Staff to plan and oversee all non-sanctuary details for the High Holy Days and Purim.

Chanukah– Marci Arnold

  • Works directly with CSK Staff to plan and oversee our annual Chanukah event.

Community Development

 Chesed – Lauren Mattiuzzi

  •  Oversees and directs the members of the Chesed Team in CSK’s efforts to support our community members through the highs and lows of their lives.

Tikun Olam Outreach – Karen Thrall

  • Plans and executes CSK’s Tikun Olam (Social Action) program.

Lifelong Learning – Josh Samuels

  • In partnership with Rabbi Scott, plans and organizes CSK’s eduational programming for adults.

Journey – Harry Selig

  • In partnership with Rabbi Scott, oversees and manages the Journey Education pr0gram.

Young Family Programming – Karina Kaplun

  • In partnership with Rabbi Scott, oversees all programming initiatives provided by CSK for young families.


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CSK By-Laws

Congregation Shma Koleinu By-Laws (Approved by CSK Voting Participants, June 18, 2014).