Yom Kippur Yizkor Slide Show

At Congregation Shma Koleinu, we understand that the High Holy Days matter the most when they speak to our hearts and souls.  Our Yizkor (Memorial) service on Yom Kippur (September 30) beginning at 4:30 pm is a moving spiritual experience that calls upon music, liturgy and silence to create opportunities for us to dwell in the light of memory of our loved ones lost to us recently and in years past. 

The CSK Yizkor service includes a slide show comprised of pictures of your loved ones, who no longer walk this earth but whose memory, we pray, become and remain a blessing in your life.  In order to make this happen, we need your help by submitting the pictures electronically as soon as possible according to the instructions below.  The deadline for picture submission is September 15, 2017.

This is how to Submit Your Photographs for the CSK Yizkor Slide Show:

1.   Scan your photographs ONE AT A TIME and save them as jpeg files.

2.   Save each photograph with your name followed by the first and last names of the individuals in the picture (from left to right).

Example: Jon Doberg (name of the one submitting the photograph): David Joberg, Sarah Joberg, Isaac Joberg (names of those in the photo).

3.   Email these photos to Marjorie Marks (mmmrun81@gmail.com). Once you have emailed your photos to Marjorie, you should receive an acknowledgement of receipt within two business days.

If you find you need help scanning and submitting photos, please email Marjorie and she will try to help you complete the process.

Please note:  all photos that were submitted for the 2016 Yizkor Slideshow will be used in the 2017 Slideshow, unless the family that submitted the photos requests that they be removed by September 15, 2017.  So, you do not need to resubmit any photos that you sent last year that you want us to use this year

If you experience trouble with the above instructions, feel free to email the CSK office at Congregationshmakoleinu@gmail.com or call us at 713-960-1800 and we will be happy to offer you assistance.