Hands On Judaism

Hands on Judaism - A brief description

I break it down like this:

1.     Not all Jewish teens are inspired to continue studying after they become Bar/Bat Mitzvah.  Something to do with feeling pressed for time combined with wanting to have full authority over how they spend it!  Go figure!:) 

2.     But when given a no holds barred opportunity to learn or get better at some sort of creative medium, that can spark some interest.  When you couple this with hiring experts in these fields who agree to teach their craft because of their love for the subject, now we’re getting somewhere.

3.     And just when they’re not looking, we sneak in the Judaism by way of their blind spot!  Well, not actually, but what Hands on Judaism does is put the learning in the hands of the learner.  And in HOJ, Jewish values, wisdom, traditions are no longer something to digest but now, they are a medium with which to explore the real questions of life.

As your children grow, the “usefulness” of Judaism will have less to do with communal worship and organization and much more to do with, “Does Judaism matter?  Does it have wisdom? Does it help me? Does it offer me wise responses to life’s most challenging questions.”   That is where HOJ comes in. 

While the students engage in their craft, the Jewish wisdom can find a place within their creative efforts.  I have seen it over and over with this program and I cannot wait to see it again with your kids.  So please sign them up if you haven’t already.   And make sure they join us for our first seesion on September 11th from 6:30 – 8:30 pm.  It would be so sad, so very, very sad if your children don’t get the chance to learn from these creative media instructors - they are some of the most fantastic people I know. 

Kelly Dean – as one who truly needs no introduction since he is a significant part of our CSK family, I’ll still give him one.  Kelly has spent his life working to inspire young and old alike to fall in love with music because he removes the fear that gets most of us stuck and unable to take that first step towards discovering the musician within.

Nick Guillerman – this is a stupendous young man and teacher, who is not only an expert robotics teacher in the public schools, he is also a third degree Black Belt.  His love for artificial and real intelligence and helping us discover them within ourselves is contagious.

Joseph Cohen  –  I met Joseph and his fiancee, Lindsay as they were referred to me to do their wedding.  And I just fell in love with them.  Joseph is a painter and sculptor he will inspire his students to think critically about what art is and then what they’d like to create with photography and sculpture.

This is not what Hebrew school can provide, nor what a Day School can provide. 

Its Hands-On and Its Real!

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