Young Family Programming

Putting our Children to Bed – The Way of Making Bedtime Jewish and Meaningful (Bedtime Rituals with Rabbi Scott) - November 12 at home of Kira and Matt Elbert 

Reigniting the Spark – The Way of Making Intimate Partnership a Central Focus (Post Baby Romance with Rabbi Scottand a Therapist) – December 3 at home of Laurie and Ross Pickei

Spare Advice for Raising a Mensch – The Way of Drawing and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries (Discipline with Rabbi Scott and Child Psychologist) - October 11 at home of Noah and Alanna Klein

 Judaism for Mummies (and Duddies) – The Way of Making Judaism Knowable and Important in Your Life (Judaism 101 with Rabbi Scott)

"Show Your Hand” – an Interactive Card Game for Understanding and Developing your Family’s Jewish Identity

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These are the remaining open Sunday afternoon dates that work for me: September 17 and January 21