As the good book says, “there is no manual for parenting.”  You can’t check the glove compartment for the answer or blame  someone close to you for not having confirmed you have all the right parts and details before you began.  Parenting is an act of faith every single day that relies on gut instinct, advice, experience and a lot of luck.  That said, there is a decent amount of collective wisdom out there that we wish to share with you – parents of young kids (like babies and toddlers).  So please check out the CSK website for details. 

These sessions will take place on Sunday evenings from 6-7:30 pm

October 22 - Spare Advice for Raising a Mensch – The Way of Drawing and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries (Discipline with Rabbi Scott and Mallory Mincberg, LPC-Intern (see bio below)  - October 22, at the home of Noah and Alanna Klein.

BIO: Mallory Mincberg is a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern (LPC-Intern) under the supervision of Dr. Noel C Gonzalez, PhD, LPC- Supervisor. Mallory grew up in Houston, Texas and completed her undergraduate work in human development and social relations at a small, liberal arts school- Earlham College. She earned her master’s degree in counseling from The University of Houston in 2014. She then completed her practicum at St. Thomas University in Houston, Texas, where she worked with young adult students on the campus. She currently facilitates group counseling and individual sessions for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault at the Houston Area Women’s Center. She concurrently provides individual counseling for clients through Noel C. Gonzalez Psychotherapy and Consultation, located in The Heights. Mallory has worked with patients with presenting problems such as depression, PTSD, relationship issues, social anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, familial conflict, time management, academic/work pressure, and self-injury. She has also previously led group therapy sessions for the bereaved and caregivers. 

November 12 - Putting our Children to Bed – The Way of Making Bedtime Jewish and Meaningful (Bedtime Rituals with Rabbi Scott) - November 12 at home of Kira and Matt Elbert 

December 3 - Reigniting the Spark – The Way of Making Intimate Partnership a Central Focus (Post Baby Romance with Rabbi Scottand a Therapist) – December 3 at home of Laurie and Ross Pickei

Dates and Locations for the Following TBA:

Judaism for Mummies (and Duddies) – The Way of Making Judaism Knowable and Important in Your Life (Judaism 101 with Rabbi Scott)

"Show Your Hand” – an Interactive Card Game for Understanding and Developing your Family’s Jewish Identity

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