CSK Reimbursement Policy

CSK is a voluntary contribution organization that relies on the generosity of our supporters.  For purchases made by our supporters for events, we are always happy to provide a letter for tax purposes.  For purchases made by our supporters for events for which they request reimbursement, the following is the process we request be followed:

  1. For all individual purchases over $100, please click here to submit our pre-approval form prior to making your purchase.
  2. For all individual purchases under $100, please complete this Reimbursement Form and send it to admin@shmakoleinu.com with scanned copies of your receipts. You may also fill out the form via Google Docs below, but you will still need to send scanned copies or photographs of your receipts to admin@shmakoleinu.com after filling out the form. Please email your receipts to us with the subject “(Your Name) CSK Receipts for Reimbursement.”
  3. All reimbursement requests with copies of receipts received by the end of the day Friday will be processed with checks cut and returned no later than the following Friday.