What are Teshuvah Workshops?

Teshuvah, often translated to mean, "Repentance," comes from the Hebrew root, shuv, meaning "to turn."  On Yom Kippur and throughout the High Holy Days, we spend a lot of time on the subject of change. Teshuvah Workshops are your opportunity on Yom Kippur to breathe life into your highest prayers, meditations and aspirations through creativity.   Its one thing to sing and pray the liturgy, to listen to and seek to be moved by meaningful readings and interpretations indulging one's mind and heart as to what we can imagine.  Its quite another to also indulge one's creative and temporal senses, and allow our physical selves to create, to articulate, to stretch, and to breathe into new possibilities born of our prayers.

The Teshuvah Workshops will give you an opportunity to dig deeper and bypass the front of your brain for a part of it that needs to feel these themes more than think about them.  The following are our Teshuvah Workshops this Yom Kippur.  They will all take place on Yom Kippur day, September 30 beginning at approximately 1:00 pm.

  • Restorative Yoga – led by Rochelle Mannigel, Yoga Instructor and Manager of Yoga One Bellaire

  • Interactive Personal Growth Workshop - led by Carrie Saks, Certified Professional Life and Transition Coach

  • Tikkun Olam opportunity at SEARCH info session - led by Karen Thrall, CSK Leadership Team Chair for Tikun Olam and Lisa Levy, M.Div, Spiritual Support Coordinator for SEARCH Homeless Services   

  • Mindful Coloring – Self-Directed

  • Soulful Painting - led by Sandy Boccara and Julie Friedkin

  • Self-Care is not Self-ish - Developing Your Personal Plan to Reduce Stress - led by Tammy Mermelstein