What are Teshuvah Workshops?

In short, Teshuvah Workshops give you, the congregant, the opportunity to dig deeper into the themes of Yom Kippur through creativity. Teshuvah, often translated to mean, "Repentance," comes from the Hebrew root, shuv, meaning "to turn."  On Yom Kippur and throughout the High Holy Days, we spend a lot of time on the subject of change. 

  1. What changes do I wish to/need to make?
  2. Which ones are realistic and what indeed am I hoping for?
  3. Over the course of my life when I have successfully changed for the better, how did I do it?  Was it all of a sudden or was it gradual? 
  4. As I consider these changes, am I compassionate to myself with the recognition that the duration of my changes begin and end with my self-compassion?

These and other questions are part and parcel of the effort to do the work of "Teshuvah" and prayer isn't enough.  The Teshuvah Workshops will give you an opportunity to dig deeper and bypass the front of your brain for a part of it that needs to feel these themes more than think about them.  The following are our Teshuvah Workshops this Yom Kippur.  They will all take place on Yom Kippur day, October 12 at 1:30 pm.

  • Restorative Yoga – led by Rochelle Mannigel
  • Soulful Painting – TBA
  • Mindful Coloring – Self-Directed
  • Vision Boarding – Laura Max Rose
  • Tikkun Olam opportunity at SEARCH info session - Karen Thrall and SEARCH representative
  • Parenting Teens - TBA