A Picture says a 1000 words and at Journey, maybe 1,000,000

Mission - to make a difference throughout Houston one Mitzvah at a time...

Many Wednesdays per month, our 5th, 6th and 7th graders join rabbi scott at different sites throughout houston to engage in tikun olam - repairing the world

Mitzvah Project - 5th of April, 2017

Temenos Homelessness Rehabilitation Project

Our gang gathered to meet and "hang" with Temenos Residents. Together we read/performed a Passover skit followed by snacks and games.  What a great afternoon!

This note is from their Volunteer Coordinator: 

I just wanted to let you know how much the residents enjoyed your group yesterday.  They were thrilled to have people to play games with, and one gentleman told a case manager how much he enjoyed the skit.  Rabbi Scott is quite a character and struck just the right tone.  We enjoyed everyone who came out! Thank you so much for your time and interest!

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Sunday mornings at Journey are a combo of learning, having fun, singing, arts & crafts, recess and more!  Our learning is interactive and engaging.  For instance, click here to watch this Purim video made by the Journey crew!  All in one morning...